Post#3: Okay, Viper installed. Now what!? 20th of November 2006

It has been a while since I posted some more news, but my life has been busy. Now I seem to have some time on my hands to type out what I've been doing these past few days. As installing of the Viper GC Extreme has been completed I've set out to get some homebrew and get it running. This proved quite hard however!

When looking around the internet for some time I found that a lot of the resources have disappeared or possibly never even existed. Sadly I was unable to find something like my Nintendo DS Beginners Guide For DS Homebrew for the GameCube. But after reading a lot of websites I came to the conclusion that one really needs at least one out of three options to run homebrew. The Viper GC Extreme allows you to boot homebrew, that is true, however you still need a boot medium. You can load/hold homebrew via different methods:

From these methods I had none! The Viper GC Extreme allows you to send .dol files over to the GameCube, via the USB flashing unit, and boot them but those are very limited in size. I've successfully loaded GCdoom using this method, but it is only about 6 megabytes small.

At any case I was unable to use any real homebrew such as the MFE distro of GC Linux. There are two things I did to get me able to run homebrew.

And yes I'm now even looking into the third option of getting an SD adapter ;).

Now not to bore you all (and because these things are quite long) I will post about my experiences with these different projects in different posts. Installing the Icedcube, building a SD-memory card adapter (which will have to wait as I have yet to get samples and haven't bought a spare memory card to use for the mod) and using homebrew. Using homebrew will not be online soon because I am still in the dark on how it all works. I've learned a lot in these last few days though (I've even watched a few movies with my GC using MFE), but before I write anything I do want to be sure I'm not saying things that are untrue. So check back soon to read more!

-Simon "Scorpei" van de Berg

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