Post#1: Here I come! My Nintendo GameCube homebrew adventure begins 7th of November 2006

With the arrival of my Viper GC Extreme yesterday my NGC homebrewing days are really starting off. It came Monday the 6th of November (it was sent the Friday before) so thats four days shipping including sunday! Now before I continue (and you can all gaze at pictures :P), a small explanation:

As you know the sample that sent me was the Viper GC Extreme. This mod-chip looks like this:

It comes with a bunch of things including the cables needed for install but also an USB 'flasher'. That bit goes into the serial slot 1 of your GameCube. You can apparently use it to flash your Viper GC Extreme, backup games and load games, cheat files, etc.. This does mean that when you have the USB flasher installed you can't use the broad band adapter (as it is blocking that slot). As I don't have a broadband adapter (yet) this isn't such a big deal. has also sent me a screwdriver + bit needed for disassembling your NGC. Your Cube has four "anti-tampering" screws. These screws will need a special bit to open them. I have read that some people made their own bit+screwdriver out of melting down a BIC pen. Personally I wouldn't go that way and order the bit/screwdriver for around 10 USD.

Now to go on with the modding itself. I've just bought the proper tip for the soldering iron I will be using (a lot smaller then the one currently on it).

Proper tools can help you so much when doing something (doesn't really matter what). Hopefully my next post will be about me installing the chip :D!

Signing off,

-Simon "Scorpei" van de Berg

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